San Francisco,, CA


My Statement

I absolutely love sharing my home with you and helping you figure out how to update even a Rental with its full potential. And I want to be able to keep sharing that with you!

Before starting any project, I will do my due diligence and research. I will set out to find the best brands – brands that uniquely fit my personal style of eclectic, bohemian, coloroful aesthetics. I’m just like you and begin every project by creating a Pinterest Board, and then seeking out a blog, magazine, Instagram profile for inspiration! I try to be intentional about every product or brand I decide to use. Whether it’s a bigger purchase like a sofa or something simpler like a throw. When I discover that perfect brand, I sometimes approach them and request to collaborate and sponsor the project. Sometimes this means that the brand donates their products and, often pay us a fee in exchange for exposure on this blog. Each time this happens, I will clearly link to them and share every detail on how and why I chose them, as well as what about the brand makes a perfect fit for my home. 

Brands will approach me on occasion, which is a huge compliment. It is a privilege to be able to work with brands that are a perfect fit. I have made the personal decision to only accept partnerships and products that fit my aesthetics and that align with my values. We will never promote a brand or product that doesn’t fall into our community of Interior Design, DIY, Home and Family — even if it’s a “gift.” I want to only promote brands and products that are valuable to you, our readers.

When I work with brands, I will always let you know. By doing this I want to keep the integrity of this blog. In doing so, this comes with a commitment to you, our readers, that we made an ethical decision to sponsor/collaborate, that we don’t promote a brand, person, or product that we wouldn’t purchase with our own money, and our hopes are to initiate a relationship with our readers and brands that will be able to help them with any project they have going on. These very collaborations and partnerships are what allow me to continue to create more content, projects and unveil the potential of our bungalow. 


I will often use affiliate links to share where I did buy a product or where you can get something similar. So, if you love where I got that pillow, and click on the link and buy, I might make a very modest commission on that sale. This helps everyone – our readers find valuable products, the brands grow, and I can keep this blog running. Affiliate links are not sponsored, and I am not encouraged to share affiliated products (unless noted as discussed above). All of the products I share are items I love and some will be affiliated and some won’t. If you have any questions about this, or if you are a business who would like to work with me, contact me via email bohofrisco@gmail.com. Thank you for reading and being here with me.