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Last Week on The ‘Gram

Last week I shared some photographs of my living room. Our living room is the biggest room in the apartment and offers our couch, a desk, the main TV we use to watch all of our favorite TV shows, and where we get the best lighting throughout the day.

Here’s what you may have missed!

One thing people often ask me about decorating with color is how to do it. I think the main issue with decorating with color is that people stop too soon! You actually need a couple of items that are colorful before the room will look cohesive. If you had one bright item, it will definitely stick out and look silly. However, if you have several bright items they can work together. I also find that two multi-colored items can give your room a color palette to work from. For example, when you look in this room you can see that the rug I chose has lots of colors, then you can see the artwork has lots of colors, and actually even the throw pillows have the pink, brown, orange, and cream. As a result of these three things the room feels full of color. All other items are really just solid colors that come from those items!

Hope that helps! As always, if you have any questions feel free to ask!




2 thoughts on “Last Week on The ‘Gram

    1. In the living room that’s whatever color the landlord chose! I’m not sure if there’s a different wall you mean, but the slightly yellow ones are just the color the rental came with.


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