Renter Friendly Boho Room Makeover!

As we all know, this year many folks turned to remote work and needed to get a space where they could work from home. Two of my friends moved into a new place that they're renting. They needed a work from home space that they both could use, and we started with a super dark… Continue reading Renter Friendly Boho Room Makeover!

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Host a Hell’s Kitchen Themed Day at Home!

My husband absolutely loves watching competition shows on TV. One of his favorites is definitely, Hell's Kitchen. This year for our anniversary I decided to re-create one of the episodes in our own kitchen. The day was super fun, easy to pull off, and you could make a ton of different variations based on whatever… Continue reading Host a Hell’s Kitchen Themed Day at Home!


Halloween Tablescape, A Witchy Cauldron Party!

I entered a Halloween tablescape competition this year with 25 other wonderful ladies from the wedding planning industry and from the home decor niche on Instagram. It was such a great time and I'm sharing more of the details on this page about the tablescape I put together! Here's the table up close! This year… Continue reading Halloween Tablescape, A Witchy Cauldron Party!


I went to Halloweentown for real (in 2020!)

The entrance gate to Halloweentown Every year since I was a kid I have watched Halloweentown in October (ya know, the 1998 Disney Channel classic?!). It makes me so happy whenever I watch it! I highly recommend adding some festive snacks and pumpkin beers! About a month ago, while on Pinterest looking for Halloween decor… Continue reading I went to Halloweentown for real (in 2020!)