Favorite Small Business Artwork – Shop colorful prints found in my home!

Something I get asked regularly is where the art in my home is from. Here I have curated these prints. Each of these are ACTUALLY IN MY HOME RIGHT NOW! I have all of these hanging in my house.

1.Painted Mary A favorite SF artist, I have eight of her prints total! 🙂

2.The Crafted Prints LOVE this print in particular, but there are lots of great options.

3. Go Go Luna The sun is actually decorate with foil so it shines. Available also as a print, and has matching moon prints to go along

4. Available on Society6 or Cat Coq’s site These colorful champagne bottles are SO fun, and buying this in a poster is super affordable

5.Maggie Stephenson Everything Maggie does is beautiful. This print was originally an exclusive for the Jungalow (Justina Blakeny’s site) but is now available on Society6 as well.

6. Lindsay Letters Co Probably most well known for her beautiful lettered prints and abstracts, Lindsay Letters Co does not disappoint. This one was gifted to me and is printed on canvas in our master bedroom.

7. Mexican Folk Art I actually got this one in person when I visited Oaxaca in November with my mother & sister! But since travelling is restricted, you can get this one from an Etsy seller with very similar pieces! (This is the only seller I can’t personally vouch for, but since it’s Etsy, I would still trust it!)

Love y’all!



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