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Installing a Peel & Stick Wall Mural

We wanted to give our guest room a makeover, but the room is small and pretty dark. It was hard to go colorful in that space! So, we decided to lean into the dark cozy vibes and make the place more like a retreat. I chose this forest wall paper to match the dark tones and the vibe we were going for. This wasn’t a super cheap project (Spent $387 after taxes and shipping), by the way, but it was one of the few I found that was tall enough to cover our nine foot ceilings and the image quality was excellent. You can find tons of options online from different resellers. I recommend reading reviews, waiting for sales, and measuring twice. The other great thing about this mural is that it’s removable! So when you move out of your apartment you can take it down without a penalty.

“Before” image of our guest bedroom
Progress shot & sneak peak!

Come see the rest of the DIY on my HomeTalk page!

Installing a Peel & Stick Mural




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