Room Refresh

Guest Bathroom Refresh! (Phase 1, Planning and Research)

We have two bathrooms in our apartment, the main one, famously bright and bohemian which has drawn many of you to follow along my journey! The second, never before seen on Instagram, is a tragedy of rental features, inattentiveness, and neglect. (Only sort of kidding.)

I’ve been working on a refresh for the guest room. Let me show you what we’ve had going on while we focused on other rooms in the apartment:

A hopeless, no direction, guest bathroom. What is this lack of style?! Honestly, more like a storage closet than a bathroom, haha

I went in search of some inspiration on Pinterest for small bathrooms. Keeping in mind that this bathroom is connected to our guest bedroom, the one with the forest mural! This bedroom is already kind of moody and dark because of the lack of lighting back there. So it was important to me that this guest bathroom had some sort of cohesion moving into that room.

Here’s a reminder of what the guest room looks like currently:

Guest bedroom with forest mural.

Here are the rooms that I loved the most when I was looking through the internet.

I took a poll on Instagram stories to see which one y’all liked the best and it was almost even with about 35 votes for each design. I thought about it some more and realized that it might be easier or harder to source the actual pieces of each design. I decided even though it was more work to build a mood board/source board for each design, it might make the decision easier. I built all three to see what I liked the most. Here are those basic drawn out mood boards!

Now that I spent time looking at the mood board, I really feel like I can rule one of the designs out. There is one that stands out to me as the most fun to do and perhaps the easiest to do. I am somewhat drawn to the third design the most. What do you think?!




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