Guest Bathroom

Guest Bathroom Refresh (Purchasing and Budget, Phase 2!)

After going through the plan I was able to decide on the final design, with the fun pink rug, pink shower curtain, and grey wall. However, lots of you voted for pink walls instead and based on that I went with basic shower curtain and fun color paint!

These are the items I found online/in store and purchased for the makeover!

Shower Curtain:

Bathroom Rug:

Paint Color:


Metal Brackets:

The laundry basket was found at TJ Maxx, but I couldn’t find it online. I did find many similar styles by searching for “half circle laundry basket”.

Round Mirror:


  • Paint – $28.00 [Lowe’s]
  • Rollers – $20.00 [Local hardware store]
  • Paint Tray – $2.00 [Local hardware store]
  • Rug – $29.99 [Urban Outfitters Home]
  • Shower Curtain – $19.99 (on sale) [Target]
  • Shelves – $6.50 (in store price) x 3 [Home Depot]
  • Brackets – $19.99 (per pair) x 3 [World Market]
  • Hardware – $5.00 [Lowe’s]
  • Shower Curtain Rod – $5.00 [Ross]
  • Shower Curtain Rings – $3.00 [Ross]
  • Round Mirror – $59.99 [Target]


Just FYI – I have a ton of paint left over, a tray, rollers, and brush that are all reusable for the next project. I also thrifted the mirror for $8.00 originally, but it broke in a fantastic crash. I had a deadline to get the project done so I didn’t have time to find another thrifted mirror. This project would have been cheaper if I could have waited to find the right mirror! The rug was the most expensive part otherwise, but I feel like it’s too cute and I felt like the price was justified by how perfectly it fits the room

The other items were things that I had around the house, but please feel free to ask if there is anything you have a question about!

Thanks for following along!



P.S. I’ll write a blog post soon about the final reveal of the guest bathroom, but if you can’t wait, head over to my instagram @bohofrisco where the entire bathroom has been revealed!


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