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Project: Removing a Glued on Rental Bathroom Mirror

In our apartment there were two mirrors that were large rectangles. They were screwed on, but after removing the screws, it appeared they were also glued to the wall. We needed to remove it because we wanted to paint the walls and to put a cuter mirror. The task was scary, but actually turned out to be so easy.

You can see all the finger prints on the top of the mirror from when I had no idea the mirror was attached by glue. I kept trying to pull it off the wall and nothing was happening. That’s when it occurred to me that the mirror was probably glued on as well.
I saw online that mirrors had the potential to shatter and break. As a precaution, I used duct tape which would prevent the pieces of glass from breaking everywhere. I honestly don’t know why it helps, but I saw lots of pages recommending it.
Basic shims which can be purchased at any hardward store are essential to the success of this project. You will take one, like the one in the picture, and try to wedge it under just enough. It doesn’t need to go in very far, but you must find a place where you can begin the wedging process.
From where ever your shim is wedged in, you want to GENTLY tap it down behind the mirror. A hammer was easiest for us. It did NOT matter whether it was the top of the mirror or the side.
This totally unflattering picture of me, lol. But, the lesson here is just keep placing your shim lower and lower on the mirror. You can tap it onto the place where the prior shim may have fallen down into the space behind the mirror.
At some point you will gently tug on the mirror and it will have a slight tearing sound. The mirror will feel loose. When it’s time, just be prepared also that it might be heavier than you thought so you want to be prepared to get it.
Minor tearing of the wall and some loose paint
I used a putty knife to chip the big pieces of paint away, gently sanded, and spackled over it.
Check out how great this wall looks after the spackle dried!

I was pretty impressed with the outcome of the whole project. Overall it was way easier than I thought it was going to be. I’m glad I had help, but honestly I think this could have been done with just one person.

Let me know if you have any questions!




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