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A Colorful, Boho, DIY Halloween!

Hey folks!! It’s September again which means it’s time to hammer out the final details of this year’s Halloween decor. I thought it might be a good idea to revisit last year’s decor! There are four very inexpensive, colorful DIYs in this post and I’d love to know if you try any of them! I live in an apartment so it’s really important that our decorations are always removable and temporary! 🙂 I also love Halloween, but I don’t want to feel like I have to switch out all of my decor for the season to make everything black and orange. Unfortunately the stores haven’t quite picked up on the wide range of Halloween colors, so I was left to create a lot of my own looks!

Super easy DIY upgrades any planter.
  1. DIY Jack-o-latern Planter! One of the best ways to celebrate is to upgrade things you already have. With literally one piece of colored paper, scissors, and some tape, you can create this jack-o-latern look on any planter you already own. The plant coming out looks like the hair of the jack-o-latern and is so fun!
DIY Magic Crystal Ball using a thrifted (broken) snow globe!
Spooky desk set up, a little zoomed out on the crystal ball.

2. DIY Magic Crystal Ball! Take a regular snow globe, tape it off, and use a high gloss black spray paint to re-create this magic crystal ball. You could use a glossy purple, white, black, or any other color to re-create a look that matches your decor! You could even add starry details if you feel like getting fancy.

This DIY wall hanging is made from scraps and makes a big impact for a tiny budget!

3. DIY backdrop! This one is so easy, you won’t believe it. The wall hanging is made from some trash bags and a plastic table cloth! I cut it into similar size strips. I had a little gold streamers left so I added those in on the right side. This can be any length, size, or colors that you’d like. That’s the best thing about this one. And it takes up a large area on the wall which is so important when you’re trying to make your apartment full of spirit.

Colorful Bats make another high impact wall decor!

4. These colorful bats were inspired by @Kailochic. These are a little tedious, honestly, but SO SO SO worth it!! These add color and life to the wall and they’re so fun. I used a sticky square to attach them and it was removable and caused no permanent damage to the walls (another important thing for renters, but for anyone since I don’t think the majority of people want their Halloween decor to be a year round deal!)

So there you have it!! Four, incredibly easy DIY’s that will bring a colorful Halloween to your apartment or house! I would seriously love to see if you end up trying anything. The best way to show me is to email me at or to hit me up on Instagram!




2 thoughts on “A Colorful, Boho, DIY Halloween!

  1. These are great ideas. And so easy. Except the bats. Those could take a bit ðŸĪŠ. But honestly I thought you bought the decorations from a store rather than crafted them. I will be trying these. Maybe my Cricut will work for the bats!


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