DIY Giant Tassel Wall Hanging

This is a super easy high impact wall hanging. Boho, colorful, easy, afternoon project. (I followed A Beautiful Mess tutorial)

Here’s the finished product!

Supplies needed:

These are the colors I chose

I went through my yarn stash and just chose colors I already had, and I made it work without trying to add anything. You could choose the same colors, different colors, or just a single color could be perfect for your project.

The dowel rod is 36″ and 1/2 an inch.

Tassel Making Supplies

You’ll need scissors, some cardboard. You’ll also need a dowel rod to hang them on after you make the tassels. The yarn can be any thickness, color, material, etc. I used various lengths and sizes and it didn’t matter.

Creating the tassels


Wrap it gently, you do not want it to me super tight. It will tighten on its own as you go and that’s fine.

Cut a LONG piece

Take your long piece and put it UNDER the top of the wrapped amount of yarn. Either side is fine.

Tie into a knot

Tie this tightly into a knot. It should still be on the cardboard.

Flip and Cut

Flip it over and cut the other side in ONE line down the middle so that it makes two halves.

Smooth down

Take off the cardboard now, but don’t discard, you’ll need it for every tassel you make! Just as a side note, my cardboard started to get a little warped and was bending in the middle. This made it so that some of the tassels would come out slightly longer or shorter than the others as the cardboard bent. If you had something sturdier, that might actually be better for this project. For example, if you have a square piece of plastic that didn’t bend. I just used what I had on hand and it worked, so you should feel free to do that as well.

Cut a small piece this time

Cut a small piece to use to make the tassel top

Tie around tassel

This is super easy, just tie it around where ever you want the tassel to begin. I think about one to two inches down was right for these tassels.

All done with one tassel!

Repeat this step as many times as you need to.

I ended up with 11 tassels

I chose to stop at 11. I could have done more or less depending on how close together I wanted them to be.

Final Product!

Tie each one onto the dowel rod and you’re all done with this easy DIY! Let me know if you try to make this project!

Thanks for stopping by!



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Thick yarn
dowel rod, 36″ long and 1/2 in thick

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