Halloween Tablescape, A Witchy Cauldron Party!

I entered a Halloween tablescape competition this year with 25 other wonderful ladies from the wedding planning industry and from the home decor niche on Instagram. It was such a great time and I’m sharing more of the details on this page about the tablescape I put together!

Here’s the table up close!

This year I have been VERY drawn to everything cauldron, haha! I noticed my cauldron collecting from last year. I decided that might make for a great theme so this theme is Witchy Cauldron Party. I also wanted to add some more fun colors to go with our hot pink rug and not stick with only the traditional orange and black color schemes. I added some hot pink to the tables using faux flowers from Michaels.

Full view of the table in the room!

Most of the items for the tablescape came from Target or Michaels. I had some of the things already, such as the candlesticks, plates, glassware, and napkins. I own white plates because I think they work all year. As a color lover, it’s tempting to choose other sets of plates with some more interest (and I do have a second set of dishes that are a light teal color haha). I think white looks great with this set up.

A horizontal view so you can see more of the area behind the table
Love looking down the row of plates!

When doing a tablescape I think the most important part is having the different layers and levels right! Here we layered the plates with the napkin and put the “name card” bats on top. They still looked a little plain so I went ahead and added a cupcake to each setting! I would love to come to a dinner party with my own cupcake, haha. However, if I were doing this for friends I would individually wrap up the cupcakes so guests could take them home if they didn’t want to eat it before dinner or that night.

Close up of the cupcakes and the cupcake stand
Love the witchy broom on the table!

These cupcakes were made using a Pillsbury Baking kit that I found at Target. It was a frosting set (orange frosting, piping bag, and sprinkles) and a cake set that was a fun fetti vanilla mix with bats and sprinkles as the fun fetti. These were so fun to make and they came out JUST like the pictures on the box which pretty much never happens to me, haha.

A view with the kitchen in the background 🙂

One of the things about having a small apartment is that the background is always going to be in the pictures so it was important to me that the background didn’t distract from the table. (If you’re a minimalist you might not agree with my strategies, haha!) In any case, I decorated the side table and the shelves behind the table to make an even more impressive backdrop for my witches table!

Bonus picture!! Here are the shelves in the room up close!

So there you have it, my Halloween tablescape design for 2020! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!



P.S. After the votes were tallied my design won in the tablescape competition and I am so honored to be the #tablescapespooktacular winner for 2020!!


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