2019 Christmas Home Tour!

I love decorating for the holidays and Christmas is one of THE best to decorate for! There are so many options, colors, and ways to celebrate. Let’s take a look at how the apartment looked last year by the time the season was over.

No fireplace means creative location to hang stockings 🙂
A little present wrapping station/ desk area!

I put the rolls of wrapping paper into a planter that I wasn’t using and it looked cute and also made them accessible for the season! (Normally I keep them behind the door in an organizer I got off Amazon)

Full room view
Side of the room!
Main Bedroom
Christmas Bathroom!

We always get some funny looks about decorating the bathroom, but its the best room in the house to decorate because it’s so fun and really adds to the magic of getting ready in the morning!

Stacking these Ikea baskets made a quick snowman!
Guest Bedroom!
Christmas Bookshelves

And my favorite, for last, my bookshelves!! I absolutely love adding seasonal decors to my bookshelves and of course, Christmas is no exception. Here they are!

Let me know if you have any questions and thank you for checking out my Christmas 2019 Home Tour!




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