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Colorful Shower Curtain Round Up!

When you’re in a rental, the bathroom is usually full of unattractive and unchangable features. A shower curtain is the perfect way to dress up a place without making any permanent changes. We use a tension rod at our place which easily holds a curtain up and is easy to change colors, style, length, etc.

In our apartment bathroom, I’ve put up a few different curtains over the years. Here are some of the ones I’ve had! I feel like it really changes the vibe of the space and a ton of color to an otherwise boring and basic rental.

I am currently planning on making this bathroom a little more interesting now that we’ve been in it for some time! My plan are to add some vinyl removable tiles to the floor, potentially paint the walls, upgrade the mirror, and of course, see if there’s a new fun curtain to dress it up!

I made a Pinterest Board for my research. Feel free to follow me on Pinterest or follow this board if you want to know more! Find bohofrisco on Pinterest HERE. Find my Small Rental Bathroom Board HERE.

Here’s a look at the tiles I am thinking of getting:

Peel and Stick Tiles, one of many colors and designs available at this Etsy shop.

Here’s a roundup of the colorful shower curtains I cam across. I added the one at the top that I already use because it’s such a favorite!

  1. Peaches! (I love this one very much still so I want the new bathroom design to still go with this one.) LINK HERE.
Pink and Orange peaches with dark Green leaves make a warm, cute design.

2. Flower Faces! This Maggie Stephenson design is so pretty!! LINK HERE.

Baby blue and white flowers with women’s faces on a pale peach background make a lovely feminine curtain.

3. Spring Flowers! Love the vibrant spring feeling of this one! LINK HERE.

Bright peach, pink, and yellow flowers make a busy, fun design!

4. Jungle Vibes. I feel like this one could be so good through the spring and summer! LINK HERE.

Lots of various foliage looks full and lush on this design.

5. Retro Flowers. These colors are so dreamy. LINK HERE.

Bright blue, mustard, and pink flowers give off a retro vibe ni this curtain.

So, those are the ones I’m loving right now. Did you see any that you like? I’m looking forward to getting some changes in here and testing out some more rental friendly updates!




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