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Valentine’s Day Cookies!

It’s Valentine’s Day this weekend! We don’t have any plans, and the current lockdown means probably none will materialize, haha. But, I can’t help but decorate and make fun things — it’s just who I am! This morning I decided to make some easy Valentine’s Day cookies and I’d love to share them with you!


  1. Cookie dough of any type. I used a pre-made sugar cookie dough because I’m BUSY.
  2. Food coloring (I saw some great ideas for natural dying, like beets! but I used what I had)

The purpose of this project is to be festive, and no extra stress 😉

Ombre Valentine’s Day Sugar Cookies!
Before baking on the pan

I simply separated the dough into three bowls, added one drop/three drops/six drops to make the color darker and darker. Be careful, it was MESSY!

This image above shows you how I shaped them to make hearts. Check out the image below to see how these turn out once they’re cooked.

After the cookies are baked
More baked cookies!

You can see they flatten out a LOT. So, all that means is you want to really exaggerate the design so that when it flattens it will still look like a heart. I made a video out of these, so I wanted them to go from circles to hearts. But, the hearts were super easy to make and they came out adorable!!

One I tried to form AFTER baking it

TIP: I do NOT recommend trying to push them into the form After you bake them. It ends up looking like the picture above. You can tell it wasn’t cooked in that shape and it’s not as clean looking. In fact, this one looked kinda gross to me… LOL

Better Shaped Hearts!

I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day weekend and I will be over here dreaming up some Spring content!




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