Beetlejuice Themed Dinner

This is your sign to pick your fav movie and have a themed night!! I decorated with things we already had on hand (except for the ribbon that was free!) I felt like the sandsnake idea was genius 😂 Anyway, love Drew’s reaction and thinking I drew all of the lines that I shared on Instagram.

Beetlejuice is such a funny, grimy character that you love to hate. The movie has a ton of iconic characters. The movie also has a lot of color themes that stick out. When I saw some squid ink pasta at HomeGoods and later came across a post where someone was making a beetlejuice main course — I knew we could have such a fun night with it.

I decided to go with a black and white theme and focused on things that we have. I started with a plain table and then added the chargers and plates. I found this ribbon at Michaels and their Halloween supplies and decor is seriously discounted right now. With a coupon I had the ribbon was completely free, haha.

Then we got started cooking!!

Honestly the Beetlejuice dinner was such a success. When Drew surprised me in Lydia’s wedding dress from the movie I couldn’t stop laughing! (Some pics below!) The dinner was meant to be a competition between us where Drew, my husband, and I tried to surprise each other. We divided We had so much fun and I think it’s hard to pick a winner since we both had some great wins!! This dinner is so easy to recreate for yourself or for friends!! We focused our theme on color and a few nods to the movie. Here’s our menu:

1. Creepy Brie appetizer (add creepy crawlers!) 🐛
2. Cheesy Shrimp dip (shrimp cocktail is also an easy Beetlejuice appetizer!) 🍤
3. Black and white pasta with pesto! (I found my noodles at world market!) 🍝
4. Chocolate covered strawberries 🍓
5. Midori cucumber cocktail 🥒

Let me know if you host your own Beetlejuice dinner party and movie watching! I’d love to see what ideas you have!!

Items You’ll Need for Your Own Party:

Let me know if you have any questions!



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