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Halloween Kitchen Finds!

For Halloween, there really is no such thing as “too much” for me. I love finding all of the cute places to add decor. One super fun way to level up your holiday this year is by grabbing some fun spooky Halloween themed items for your kitchen! I rounded up some of my favorites from Amazon for you. I found even more fun things, so if you enjoy this list, please let me know and I’ll make a part 2!

Halloween Kitchen Finds – CLICK HERE

Halloween Kitchen Finds – CLICK HERE

This year I purchased the vampire garlic press, the witch spoon rest, and I own the waffle iron from prior years! I wonder if they’re going to come out with a new shape this year!! In any case, I think these finds will be so much fun to use year after year and I’m looking forward to styling my kitchen for Halloween 2022!

When thinking about how to decorate your kitchen, I like to focus on items that aren’t just cute but also serve a function! For example, by choosing a ghost oven mit, you’re able to decorate and also easily grab your Halloween themed baked goods easily. You can hang it on a hook near the stove and now you’ve got functional, cute, and in theme! Plus, those oven mits are super affordable!

Halloween Kitchen 2021

Here’s an image of my kitchen from last year and I love it so much. Seeing pictures of my kitchen from last year reminds me of all the fun things in I have in my Holiday decor box in storage! I can’t wait to get it all out. Don’t you think I need to add a little more purple this year?!

By the way, I also have some really fun DIYs to do this year and so if you don’t want to miss out — following me on Instagram is the best place to catch up with all of my projects! As always, feel free to reach out with any questions!




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