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Easy Rental Upgrades: Kitchen Edition

In this series, you’ll see upgrades that can be acheived in any rental space that will add character, color, and personality to your rental without risking your security deposit. I’ll share a different room each time!

Today, let’s talk about the kitchen!

My Rental Kitchen! šŸ™‚

1. CLEAN & CLUTTER FREE. There’s nothing like a clean kitchen and no matter what condition it’s it, when it’s clean it’s going to look its best! This might sound obvious, but you really can’t underestimate the value of having clean surfaces, good looking stove top, and cleared out sink. So let’s start there. Get the kitchen into a good place where you’ve cleaned it to the best of your ability. From here you can evaluate what you need to play up, and what you need to perhaps disguise a little more. If you’re not using something daily, or it doesn’t make you smile to see it, get it off the counter.

2. MOVE STUFF AROUND. We had our microwave in one place for a long time… like four years. One day we decided to try it in a new space and it was so interesting how much space it opened up and what a better use of the counter top was next to the stove! Also – the same thing happened with the trash cans. They had been beside the stove for years, one day we moved them to the wall beside the fridge and more space opened up. Don’t be afraid to move your items around. Often when we move into a space things just go where they fit. As we grow in our space we forget to re-evaluate and try things in a new space.

2. BACK SPLASH. Most kitchens I find myself drawn to have some type of back splash. You know what I’m talking about, beautiful tiles, cool marble finishes, bursts of color… Let’s contrast that with ever rental I’ve ever been in – there’s just the same color paint right behind the stove. No contrast, no tile, no interest. The back splash is an area that always elevates the kitchen space! In order to upgrade it, consider using something removable like peel & stick tiles, removable wall paper, picture frames, or paint!

Here’s my kitchen after a simple back splash upgrade! You can see how much impact a simple white tile made. I got these tiles here: Tic Tac Tiles from Amazon
Picture frames can temporarily cover up a back splash you don’t like, or a boring wall color. You can use command strips to easily remove later. See more on this project at
Ari, from Ari Tries Her Best on Instagram has done an amazing job with her rental kitchen. These adorable black polka dots are simply painted on! Such an easy fix with such a great impact. (Also, note she put that cute purple contact paper on her stove!)

3. CUTE TEXTILES. Add some colorful or patterned textiles to your space which will instantly add character. They can be draped over handles, parts of a counter that are less attractive, or hang it on a door that needs dressing up!

See where Selene, HouseofSaaj on Instagram, used cute dish towels even where she didn’t have a towel rack. Added bonus, she says the cabinet is peeling a little here and this covers it up completely! Yes to easy, functional fixes!

4. FUNCTIONAL ITEMS AS DECOR. Do you have a matching set of bowls? Perfect. Stack them on the shelf. Do you have a cutting board with cute detailing? Great. Prop it against the back splash. These items can be used, but can also provide decoration to your space which will help both with storage and adding personality.

Bowls and towels used as shelf decor doing double duty making things beautiful & useful. See more.

5. RUG. Kitchens, in my opinion, are always cuter with a rug! Just be mindful that the kitchen can be a messy place so getting a rug that is dark or patterned to hide spills with help. Bonus points if the rug is outright washable! It also makes it a little more comfortable to stand and make meals!

I love that this rug covers most of the floor and is dark, patterned, and beautiful. See more here.

6. PLANTS. I have plants in every room in my house, but I love them in my kitchen. By putting the plants on top of the cabinets and letting the trailing plants grow down I feel like it adds a lot of drama to the space and makes the whole kitchen look more lived in.

Those are the tips I have for now! Which one are you going to try?! I’d love to see it. Tag me on Instagram @bohofrisco. What rooms do you want to see next?




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