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Recreate My Boho Oasis Bathroom!

This bathroom gets a lot of love on the ‘gram. We have friends regularly reach out saying that someone they know saw my bathroom on their pinterest. This is always a little shocking for us! Who knew a tiny, rental bathroom could get so much love. One time Drew (my husband) said, “Sometimes it feels weird that hundreds of thousands of people have seen inside my bathroom…” haha! Anyway, TODAY I want to share with you how you can easily have a fun boho bathroom as well, no matter how small or how boring it might be right now.

Current state of the bathroom at the bohofrisco home!
  1. Start with the boldest shower curtain you can muster!

Here is a link to the one I’m using! Currently 20% off on Society6’s website. If it’s not on sale when you check this link, they have sales all of the time, so just check back later!

But here are some others I really like as well:

Blue and Pink Leopard Shower Curtain
Black and White Cheetah Shower Curtain

2. A fun rug on the floor will liven the space up!

Here is a link to the rug I’m using!

Some others that I like:

Cute Opalhouse rug on Target’s site
Or check out this cutie from West Elm!

3. PLANTS ARE FRIENDS! I highly recommend some plants in your bathroom. If there’s no natural light in your bathroom, faux plants will work just fine. Live plants tend to like the moisture from the shower and if there’s light, you’ve got a happy plant. I recommend finding a way to hang them as well. I haven’t done that yet, so right now I pile them on top of my cabinet, but it’s working great.

4. ARTWORK!! I added the cutest print over the weekend and so many of y’all have asked about it. This is the only sponsored link in this post & I’m so thankful to Fy! for sending me this beauty!

GET 20% OFF YOUR PURCHASE (Doesn’t have to be this lovely print!) using this link! The print is called “How to Have a Spa Day at Home” and it’s by 83 Oranges!

5. Add touches of things you love. This could be a ceramic piece (like my bathing girl!) or a trinket dish for your rings when you’re putting on lotion!

I have this one from Anthropologie!
Or this lovely little lady that I have on my sink!!

6. Lastly – fun textiles are the best! And, you can switch em’ up while others are in the laundry! Who needs matching towels anymore?!

These are my favorite ones 🙂 They are from Bathing Culture. Pricey, but mine have held up to washing and every day use!

Here‘s a more budget friendly option, though not as colorful.

Here are links to some of the other things I have, or similiar!

The cutest trash can!

OKAY – that’s it!! The best way to make your bathroom unique is to have fun with it. Don’t worry about whether that rug is “supposed” to go into the bathroom, or whether your towels will match the paint you put up ten years ago. You can build over time and you can always switch things up later.

Please let me know if you add any of these elements to your bathroom. I would love to know about it and share your pictures on my instagram or a future blog post! 🙂

See you next time,





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