One Room Challenge

Bohofrisco | Spring 2020 – One Room Challenge | Week 5-6!

First, I want to acknowledge that we took Week 5 off to allow the entire community, myself included, to acknowledge and appreciate the Black Lives Matter movement. I am appreciative for the time and I did not work on my room last week.

This week, I am shocked to find only two more weeks left in the challenge!! I am honestly terrified and glad at the same time. I’ve said it before, but recognizing that this deadline is the only thing keeping me moving forward on the project is definitely helping me learn something about myself. I love going through this with other folks as well, because it’s a great opportunity to check in with other designers as well!

So, this week I tested a new bedding (that I do not like) and hung up curtains! These curtains may not be in the final design, but I really like them in the room for now.

Curtains up on the left side! They’re from Anthropologie.

I just have a small rug down here because I haven’t put the rug that belongs in here back since I was going to paint this room. I’m actually leaning against painting the room at this point. Due to time, but also because I’m not sure it’s actually important since I decided if I repainted it, I’d probably just do white. I’m not sure!

One idea I had would be to put up decals on the main feature wall. This would allow me to avoid having to paint or commit to a full wall paper, but would add a lot of visual interest to the room! Also, decals are usually not very expensive. For example, I found several of these designs for approximately $60. However, I haven’t found ones that I think are a perfect fit. I reached out to some brands to see if they could make a custom design, but I haven’t heard back yet. Here are the designs I mocked up on my ipad!

So, another crazy idea would be to forget worrying about the decals and just commit to painting these on myself. I’d have full control over the size and the color, but they might end up looking hand painted which is not always ideal, haha. And since it’s a rental, that might not be something I want to deal with later when we move out.

What do you think??!

Lastly, I tried out some new bedding to add a little more interest, but I just don’t like it. So I’ll share this little fail with y’all just for fun, but I think I’m going to return it and keep trying for something else.

Target Opal House bedding – I don’t like it for this room!

I think the vibe of the quilt is just too vintage and doesn’t work for the vibe I am going for in this room. Sad because it was 50% off and was a great price, haha! Anyway – I’ll keep looking and I’m sure I’ll find something I love!

The white bedding underneath I love! It’s by Better Homes and Gardens through Walmart! So funny because Better Homes and Gardens is the sponsor for the One Room Challenge! A perfect fit if you ask me. 🙂

Remaining on my to-do list is as follows:

  1. Commit to some type of accent wall design
  2. Figure out what on earth is going to go above the dresser on the opposite wall!
  3. Decide if anything needs to go above the mirrors on the side wall.

So, actually not too bad!! The rest will just be styling and I’ll probably try to use things I already have. So I’ve got a few weeks to put it all together and I have no idea how it’s going to turn out. But! Whatever happens I’ll keep posting and sharing and maybe it’ll be an impromptu gallery wall, maybe it’ll be a big tapestry I thumb tack up! Who knows?!

Thanks for hanging in there with me. Talk to you soon!


The final link up has been extended and will remain open thru July 5th.  Based on how things are going for me right now, I think the extended deadline will be necessary!!

  • Week 6 – Now
  • Week 7 – June 18th
  • Week 8 – June 25 – July 5th – Final Room Reveals!

Be sure to check out the other guests and the main featured accounts on the official One Room Challenge page.

Til next week!





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