One Room Challenge

Bohofrisco | Spring 2020 – One Room Challenge | Week 7!

Wow! Time is both moving slowly and somehow flying by. I’ve said it before, but I’ll just say it again here – joining a challenge like this is such a motivator. Even though I’m down to the wire every single week, it pushes me to come up with ideas and try things that I probably otherwise would put off. I still manage to make at least ONE update each week and that’s progress!! That’s a huge benefit to joining the challenge. I highly recommend participating in a challenge, or just joining up with some of your friends to make your own!

So, this week the main goal was the accent wall. Originally the plan was the paint the walls, but after thinking about it and having all the set backs with COVID, it just felt like something that was out of reach for right now.

Last week I shared some ideas for decals that I would put on the accent wall. I wrote to an Etsy seller who had a design I like, but I couldn’t get her to make me a quote for what I wanted. I tried three times, but the deadline was looming and I just had to figure something out… So! Here’s what I came up with!

I decided I would make my own!

What I used to make my own decals
I made my own stencil to hand cut each palm frond shape
Trace, cut, stick, trace, cut, stick! Didn’t take too long, maybe a few hours.

The process was pretty easy. I picked the shape I liked, made a stencil, traced it a bunch of times onto the vinyl and cut them out. These were SUPER easy to work with. It was no big deal to cut them out and stick them up. I even made some mistakes and they came off super easily for repositioning. The packaging says they can be removed without damage for up to two years. (No idea what happens after two years!)

Taped them up to position where I wanted, taking them off one at a time and sticking them on!!

The second thing on the to-do list last week was to come up with what could go above the dresser. There are a lot of options, but so many of them just didn’t feel right for me. I love the idea of a plant accent wall here, but decided due to time constraints, perhaps a yarn wall hanging would be the best solution. I have a lot of left over yarn from other projects, so I am hoping to be able to make something using what I already own. I did purchase a long dowel rod from Michael’s since I didn’t want to try and craft that part. I have no idea how it’ll turn out, but I’ll just be copying the basic design I’ve seen online of different length tassels from a wooden dowel.

See my Inspiration Picture below:

Okay! We did it! Another week of projects done and plans for the next steps finalized.

Remaining on my to-do list is as follows:

  1. Create the piece for above the dresser.
  2. Decide if anything needs to go above the mirrors on the side wall (?!)

So, actually not too bad!! Next week (and through the 5th of July) we will all be doing final reveals and I can’t wait to see the other rooms! I think there’s a good chance this comes together! I will definitely keep you updated (btw, the best place to follow anything I’m up to is my instagram page at bohofrisco!) I’ll be sure to post a DIY your own decals in a separate post if anyone is interested. I think this may be a new addiction…!

Thanks for hanging in there with me. Talk to you soon!


The final link up has been extended and will remain open through July 5th.  Based on how things are going for me right now, I think the extended deadline will be necessary!! (I wrote that line last week and I’m definitely leaving it, haha)

  • Week 7 – Now
  • Week 8 – June 25 – July 5th – Final Room Reveals!

Be sure to check out the other guests and the main featured accounts on the official One Room Challenge page.

Til next week!




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