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Bohofrisco | Spring 2020 – One Room Challenge | Final Reveal!!

Y’all it’s finally finished! Well, sort of. It’s so much further than it would have been without this challenge to guide me and keep me motivated. And there are already things I think need a little editing, haha! Overall, I feel like the room is so happy and really feels pulled together and like it belongs in the apartment. For a while it was the only room that had no personality and I’m so happy that it finally feels like it’s got an actual happy vibe in here.


Before we get to the final reveal, I always like to reflect on where we started. Let’s take a trip down memory lane and review how the room looked before I put any effort into making it something we loved.

Room when we first moved into this room. I got the bed frame pretty quickly.
I also loved these dressers so I bought them ASAP and I don’t have any plants to get rid of them at this time.

Ah, I do not miss these boring views, haha! Reminder, that we are in a rental and so no major updates can be made. The room is about 12′ by 11′ wide and has one wall that’s exclusively a closet and window. The walls are a kind of yellowish color, and although I had plans to repaint them, due to the pandemic and not allowing people inside our home, we just decided that it wasn’t a good decision right now.

Here was my original mood board!

Wow!! I’m actually pretty impressed with how close I got to my mood board! 🙂 I drew this on a power point slide to mock up the changes that I had planned. I think a lot of things worked out great and really did capture the idea I had when I started the mood board. So fun to reflect on that and see how it came together. Now that we’ve gone down memory lane and I reminded you of the vision… let’s see what you really came here for – the final results!


Come on In!
(I added knobs to the night stand after this pic! Woo hoo! One more thing off the list!)
This beautiful piece by Cotta Casa made such a big difference in here.
Full Room!
Had to use the tripod to get a picture without me in it because of all the mirrors haha!

This room had several DIY projects that I did to keep the price down and to push myself to try new things. In this room reveal you can see all FOUR projects!

  1. DIY Decals on the wall
  2. Nightstand stencil makeover
  3. Painted Headboard
  4. DIY Tassel Wall Hanging

Combined these cost less than $100! (I was able to use some things I already had on hand, like yarn) What do you think?!

DIY Yarn Hanging completed and hanging over the dresser! (Might still need a trim!!)
Sun sculpture found on ebay!
Both of the dressers we kept!
Loving all the colors and textures.
Ta-dah!! That’s all folks!!

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who watched, who cheered me on, who answered questions about whether I was crazy with my design choices haha.

This was such a fun adventure and I highly recommend it to anyone who is on the fence next time. There are currently more than 200 completed rooms on the official One Room Challenge Blog! How fun is that? Would you considering joining next time?!

Be sure to check out the other guests and the main featured accounts on the official One Room Challenge page. THANK YOU SO MUCH to the hosts of this challenge and to all of the amazing sponsors including Better Homes and Gardens!! (P.S. That’s why my duvet cover is from in their collection at Walmart!)

No more posting schedule!! I’ll see you on the next ORC round this Fall! Maybe I’ll participate again… I wonder what room I should try?! 🙂





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