I always get questions about where to shop for home decor, and there’s a pretty good chance that it’s always the same answer!


IKEA is great for finding cheap furniture and with websites dedicated to IKEA hacks, it’s super easy to customize as well! I’m a big fan of the Scandinavian design style as well, and they have so many low cost stylish pieces that are made with good design in mind. Also, around here in San Francisco the resale value is very high because people know exactly what to expect.

What to look for: pendant light fixtures, sheep skin rugs, classic furniture pieces

IKEA’s Malm Dresser with updates using a Stencil!

Urban Outfitters Home

Some of my fave decor pieces are from Urban Outfitters Home. They are excellent and super trendy pieces. They spot what’s going to be in season quicker than most stores and have a great selection. Plant pots, vases, little decor accents–I find some of the best pieces at UO Home.

What to look for: on trend accent pieces and color palette pieces


Some of the staple pieces in my house are from Target. (And the prices cannot be beat!) Their home design lines are so solid these days, especially Opalhouse. I seriously go straight to this section when I can shop in store. I have always shopped their home decor because it was so affordable, and in style. I can’t believe how much better it’s gotten too! My favorites lines are Project 62 and Opalhouse, but you can find something amazing basically all of the time. It’s actually dangerous for your wallet to go into a store if you’re anything like me.

What to look for: Everything you need, haha, but especially things like cute sheets and other basics


My go to place for that perfect touch of whimsy is Anthropologie. These pieces are lot more expensive than the other brands mentioned, but undeniably you will find so many timeless pieces that you can keep forever. I tend to spurge on beautiful pieces I find there. And I’m forever scouting out the sale section at Anthropologie too, especially in store if you can.

What to look for: splurge items or gifts with a perfect amount of charm

World Market

Okay, I love this store! Their global feel and variety of beautiful products makes this another store where I am never walking out empty handed. This is an excellent place for affordable on trend pillows, table linens, and throw blankets. We have so many things from this store including dishes, furniture, lanterns, napkins, the list goes on!

What to look for: global inspired textiles and pieces, their “always a deal” section isn’t lying, these pieces are always below market price

What are your fave stores to shop at? I’d love to know! Let me know in the comments.




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