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A new bed!

Let’s rewind… When I first moved into the apartment there were a few things we needed pretty immediately, and a bed was on the top of the list. My husband loves the color gray, so I just went with an affordable one from wayfair. About a year later I started my Instagram and realized how much I preferred decorating with color and texture. The gray bed became the center piece of the world’s most boring bedroom (to me!). Last year I tried to follow a tutorial to paint the bed a sea foam green. It totally helped make the room more cheerful! But, the room overall never suited me much and I’ve been on the hunt for a new bed.

After looking around on the internet I decided that the platform bed style seemed to give us the most options. I found one in a wood tone I liked from Zinus! Zinus generously gifted us this frame and I’m under no obligation to make this blog post – but I wanted to share!

The old bed framed, painted sea foam!
The old bed is gone!!

Because the old frame didn’t have enough slats, we had to use a metal box frame under our mattress to keep the warranty valid. If you’re interested in this rug, here is a link!

**If you have a gel or foam mattress, you need a certain number of slats in order for your mattress to maintain its shape!!**

So, are you ready to see the new frame and how it looks in the room now?! Of course you are!

So there you have it!! The new bed is put together and I think it looks great in here! Let me know if you have any questions for me! Here’s a link to the bed.

And definitely come back because we are only halfway done with the upgrades in this room. We’ve still got DIY projects and painting to do!




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