Renter Friendly Boho Room Makeover!

As we all know, this year many folks turned to remote work and needed to get a space where they could work from home. Two of my friends moved into a new place that they’re renting. They needed a work from home space that they both could use, and we started with a super dark and unexciting space. And wait til you see the color of the rug we had to work with! Let me know if you have any questions about this full room makeover of this work from home space!

The place started with the wood paneling in its natural tone. They were able to speak to their landlord about upgrading the place and having the wood paneling painted white.

I’ve never done a room makeover for anyone before so I was pretty nervous about how it would all come together. There were a couple of options for dealing with the flooring. 1) we could incorporate it into the design by choosing potentially a colorful rug, 2) try to cover up as much of it as we could, or 3) ignore it completely and do our own thing!

I did a ton of measuring and researching on the RugsUSA website to see if a rug came in the right sizes. So Let’s Talk About Sizes! Since this is an L-shaped room I knew i needed two different sizes. It’s important that I got rugs where the grain/pattern of the rugs went the same direction. It took a lot of looking, but I finally came across these jute rugs. These really created a perfect base for the rest of the room design!

The curtains and curtain rods were both there from the prior tenants and we left them since they actually ended up looking just fine with the rest of the refresh!

Okay, so let’s get on with it and check out the final reveal shall we?!

These four rugs are all from RugsUSA (they sponsored the room makeover on Instagram!) These rugs all have different textures and really make the space inviting. I absolutely LOVE a sheepskin rug in almost any room design. It’s the perfect softness for your feet!

This chair is actually from Article, but I found a super similar one for cheaper here so I’ve linked that one! Find the chair here.

These desks are both standing desks, but any white desks would have worked in this plan. I think it was important that they matched because it made the room more cohesive.

The pouf and lamp are both from RugsUSA as well. They don’t have a huge selection of lamps, but it’s great to be able to do one-stop shopping for home decor and get things from one place! Plus they always have free shipping in the US which is nice.

Sources Below!

  1. Pouf
  2. Jute Rugs
  3. White and Black Rug
  4. Desks
  5. Lamp
  6. Leather Chair
  7. Faux Palm (similar)
  8. Floor Mirror (similar)

Overall I think the best things about this room are the fresh white walls, the plants that bring it to life, and the texture everywhere! Thanks so much for checking out the room makeover and I definitely hope I can do more in the future!! Who wants to be the next person to get a room makeover?




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