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Room Makeover: Washable rug, Added Color, and Circles!

A final room makeover, and I think the pup likes it too!

As you may know if you follow me on Instagram I have been doing room makeovers over on my page. I’ve been working with Rugs USA who has majorly come through with bringing life and texture and color to these rooms. I’ve been working with friends while I prototype my process and figure out how to best meet the needs of someone wanting to make over their space. (Check out this link to see the first makeover I did! We took some emerald green flooring to a neutral oasis!!)

There’s a lot to consider when deciding that a room no longer suits your needs:

  • What are the main functions of the room? (Does it need to be totally revisited or does some part need to be updated?)
  • Are their pieces that you can’t part with or are we starting from scratch?
  • Are there any restrictions (like renting, or condo rules that require a certain number of rugs on the hardwood floors, etc.)
  • Are the folks willing to buy anything new?
  • Are they willing to DIY any part of it?

Answering some of these questions helps me figure out how big, bold, or temporary a change needs to be for the people asking for a makeover.

This home belongs to my friend who is a great designer on her own, but needed fresh eyes on her living room. I think, like many of us, when you move in, you can rush to finish the rooms and it’s only later when you reflect that you realize you may not have made choices that truly feel like YOU. Today I’m going to take you through my process and I hope you love seeing the before and after as much as I do!

Here’s the room after we took out the old (damaged) rug

Here’s the room that I helped makeover! This room is beautiful on its own and has really lovely features. The things we wanted to work on were that it was very neutral and didn’t have as much coziness and personality as the home owners wanted. As always, we started with a mood board that allows us to test things out.

Mood Board Option 1

In this brainstorm, I left things somewhat neutral and only added color in with throw pillows and potentially a side table in a fun color.

Tip: Spray paint is your best friend! You can choose a color palette and a thrifted side table, and with the incredible selection of spray paint colors, finding a coordinating color becomes super easy.

Mood Board Option 2

Here, she wanted to see what it would be like to add more color to the space. She thought originally that she would like to replace the couch with some interesting chairs. Since we were moving forward with the design, we left the love seat in for now and she can take her time to find some accent chairs that she really loves.

TIP: Sometimes we buy furniture to fit a design that we already have – but I think it’s better to buy your new pieces in the direction you Want To Go. It’s okay if things are a little mix-matched for a while. That is better than purchasing a whole room of furniture that you don’t really love just to match an old couch!

The new rug has so many colors in it, there really were unlimited options for a new color palette. Although I like my interior designs to have a ton of color, I think it’s good to start small and not go nuts when someone is transitioning from all neutrals to color.

Here’s when we were about halfway through with the makeover

Here’s the semi-final product! Let’s go through some of the steps and I’ll send you off with links to all of the items that we ended up using here.

A reminder of the before
Final Reveal!!

In the end, we decided to go with the darker throw pillows which really added a beautiful contrast to the space. I absolutely love how it turned out!! Please share your thoughts and let me know if you like seeing these!

Links to the products pictured above!!

Let me know if there’s anything else you want to know about!




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