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Sun Room Before and After Refresh!

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but these makeovers are getting more and more colorful and for this one, the color is turned all the way up!! It’s my favorite makeover I’ve done so far. So let’s get to it!

For this one, the space has some real challenges. It can get up to 100 degrees, but it can also get down to 40 degrees at night. This means that it gets very hot in the day so temperature can make it unpleasant, but also, that the sun can cause fading for any fabrics that are left outside in the sun room. The greenhouse vibes will probably require some cacti and some faux plants in the future to really fill it out.

It also hadn’t been used much while the home owners were planning the rest of the house so it just needed some love and color! Check out the rest of this article to get more ideas for how to decorate your own sun room! This design would work in a lot of places in a room big or small.

Here is the before of the space that we transformed

She already owned this bench and it’s so lovely I knew that we could work it into the final design. There were several layout options for her space that we talked through and they included one large chair, two small chairs with a table, or putting another bench at a 90 degree angle. In the end, she chose the single chair option and I actually think it’s the best option! The chair is very comfortable and for sitting and relaxing it’s better than a sitting chair!

Here’s the AFTER!!

OK — What do you think of the makeover we did?! I am so thrilled with out it came out! And the colors all came together in a way that makes this sun room explode with color, life, and fun! Who’s ready to grab a good book, cup of tea, and get to chilling.

My friend reading a book on the back!

My friend, Megha, out here on the green house/ sun porch hanging out! This was one of the main requests she made when she was asking about the room makeover. She knew that she wanted to use warm tones and and we based the design off of the fun rust color rug. In full disclosure, the rug looked rust colored in pictures, but was actually coral and red colored threads next to each other.

The warm tones were so easy to pull off in this space and we added just a few greens to balance it out.

Whenever you are planning a space, the first step should ALWAYS be figuring out how you want to use it. In this case, the home owner knew that she wanted a space where she could read, spend a little time relaxing, and enjoy a cup of tea. She knew that because of the heat and cold that I mentioned earlier, it wouldn’t be super long amounts of time spent out here, but it still needed to be comfortable enough that when the weather was right, the space was inviting.

This planter is the perfect shade of peach and the shape will hold a decent size plant! These planters are always pricey, in my opinion, but this one is high quality. I also love that it comes with a hole in the planter for watering, but a little plug so you can also keep it from dripping! I think the color worked perfectly with the warm tones that we used in here.

This room opens out onto a back yard with even more space for hosting and opens into their dining room on the other side. This means there needs to be a clear flow from the side door to the dining room for anyone walking through the space! That’s why we left the right side of the room opened which you can kind of see from the angle above!

Let’s take one final look at the before! This room was so cute all on its own, but just needed a little love.

Bridging the gap between indoors and out, a sunroom combines warm natural light and outdoor views with interior comforts. It’s the perfect spot to kick back with a book or sip your morning coffee, and there are tons of ways to decorate a sunroom. With a clever layout and pretty accents, you can transform your sunroom into the most-used space in your home. Use these sunroom decorating ideas to create your ideal relaxation room.

Thanks so much for watching along with these!! If you want to see more real time updates you can always follow along on instagram.

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OK — now for some links if you’re interested in any of the items above!

Let me know if there’s anything I missed or anything you need.




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