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Inspiration Collection: (Non Traditional!) Colorful Halloween Decor

Every year I endeavor to decorate my apartment for Halloween, but avoid doing the traditional black and orange vibes of Halloween. Don’t get me wrong, I love a traditional Halloween decor, but in order for me to pull that off, we would have to change EVERYTHING about our apartment to make it work. So, a few years ago I started thinking about a year round color scheme for our home that would make the apartment colorful, but still celebrate the seasons.

I love to find other accounts that are doing similar things to make their homes colorful and full of the life of the season. Below all of the these were found on Pinterest and you can find sources on my Pinterest board here.

The orange and seafoam green is so so beautiful here. I love that the orange leaves are super traditional and the black and white pumpkin is something that’s very easy to DIY or find during the season! These yarn colors would be easy to customize to any shades or colors you’re incorporating into your home decor.

This one has the most perfect soft, feminine energy for Halloween!! I love that she paints all of the decor into her home’s color scheme and it makes even the most bold decor fit right in. This is a great trick for making sure everything matches and looks great together. The pinks, oranges, and whites keep everything so soft.

A pink christmas tree is perfect for any home in my opinion, but this one with black and white is so perfectly Halloween!! I absolutely love this look and the pumpkins underneath make it look just like Christmas presents for this season.

This one is an absolute favorite from last year! I love the pink and oranges here it’s so soft and beautiful for Halloween decor. I also love that the oranges and amber color of the glass are the perfect Fall transition pieces so this look can work seamlessly from September to November.

Let me know if there’s any other color loving Halloween decor lovers out there that I should check out! I would love to see them!




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