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Fall Finds: Fall Area Rugs Under $250

I’ve rounded up some of my favorite Fall rugs found on RugsUSA. These rugs would look beautiful year round, but I think would be especially beautiful this time of year! Every year my family goes on a family reunion to the beach. It always signals the end of summer for me. When I get back home, I’m always ready to decorate my apartment for Fall! I’ve never changed my rugs out specifically for the season, but this year, the room is feeling much too summery for me and so I’ve decided to make a switch. I’d love to know your favorites! Let’s take a look.

Every rug below is available in approximately 8×10 for less than $250! That’s definitely my kind of pricing.

This rug looks so fancy, I see it working perfectly in a home full of antiques, or wood furniture!

Love the symbols and shapes in this rug. The rust color is so striking.

I just got this rug! I was shocked at how vibrant the colors are and how small of a box it came in! Yes to washable!

Any other color lovers out there? I love that this rug would work all year round and your decor could pull out the blues vs. oranges.

Lastly, this bold, bright orange rug is so crazy and fun I think it would be such a show stopper in a bright white room!

So tell me what you think about this rug round up? Any that you’re drawn to? I can’t wait to show you the one I got and how I styled it. For full disclosure I am part of a long term partnership with RugsUSA and they kindly gift me products in exchange for my reviews and sharing with all of you! šŸ™‚




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