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Spooky Cute Halloween Shower Curtains!

You know you’ve gone full seasonal spirit when you’ve decorated your bathroom!! I’m so excited this year because Society6 offered to send me some shower curtains to try and I’m OBSESSED with the ones they sent. Here are some of my favorites:

At the end I’ll show you the one that I chose and styled in my bathroom!

  1. Happy Ghosts!

2. Pink Halloween

3. Vintage Pumpkin & Moths

4. Purple Witchy Things

Society6 has SO MANY options I know you can find something that goes perfectly in your home. The only problem is that there are so many options it can be hard to narrow it down and actually choose one.

*These are all affiliate links. I am a brand ambassador for Society6! But the reviews and opinions are my own and I have purchased items from Society6 well before I became an affiliate!*

Halloween Bathroom!

What do you think of the one I chose?! I’m super happy with it. Overall I think the quality of these shower curtains is amazing and the variety of options is so cool. I’ve been using and buying them long before I became an affiliate so I can tell you they last, and they’re really great.

A few words of caution when choosing — the light does filter through them a little so they’re less opaque than you might think from the picture! Also, they only come in a standard size, so make sure they’re the right fit for your bathroom!

Which one would you have chosen?!




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