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Halloween Guest Room

As we get closer to the Fall season I have been looking over my images from Halloween 2021. Today I want to talk about the guest room set up that we had for a friend that was coming over and needed to stay the night at our apartment in San Francisco, CA. I like to decorate their room like the rest of the house because I think of it as a more immersive and fun experience! When a friend or family member is staying during Halloween — we go all out!

The pull out couch becomes a bed!

I always prepare to have a guest by leaving some items on the bed for them so they know they are welcomed and we are happy to have them! Here is my list of items you can provide to a guest:

What to Have for your Halloween Guest:

  • Favorite candy is a must! Even better if it’s local or they can take it home with them!
  • A Drink! Truly, it is always thoughtful to include a water pitcher or a bottle of water. This is especially true if the bathroom is far from their room or if they’d have to look around in the dark at night to find some!
  • An optional fan!!
  • Extra blankets!
  • Towels for a shower. If it’s a lady or a friend with long hair — I like to provide two towels – one for her hair and one for her body!
  • A magazine! And usually a card with the wifi info particularly if it’s an extended stay!
  • A charger that’s already plugged in!!
I always like to have a nightstand available for all of their items!
So many fun pillows

When guests come to stay, especially during a holiday like Halloween, I like to make the evening as special as possible.

Halloween Activities for your guest:

  • Make a Halloween themed meal
    • There are so many ideas for this Pinterest has some great ones. I also have some great ones for you that are always a classic.
      • Make Ghost pizzas
      • Make stuffed pumpkin peppers
      • Make cemetary nachos
  • Watch a Halloween program!
    • Have both a scary and non-scary Halloween show or movie available as an option for your guest. Know that not everyone likes the same things so we try to have a variety of options ready for selection.
      • Non-scary recommendations:
        • Sabrina the Teenage Witch (the originals)
        • Halloweentown
        • Casper the Friendly Ghost
  • Decorate cookies together
  • Carve a Pumpkin
  • Make spooky cocktails together
  • Make and bake tiny friendly ghosts

Overall, you want to make whatever is special about the season in your home or in your hometown special for your guest. It can be so fun to have your space looking cute and your activities on theme especially for someone who may not be experiencing the same joys at their own home.

As always, please let me know if you have any ideas to add to the list. I’d be happy to give you credit in this article and post and I’d be happy to point the your way for other ideas! We love Halloween over here and we love sharing that joy with everyone else!

Let me know when you’re coming to visit!! đŸ™‚




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